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Electronic Chain Hoists


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Designed specifically for general commercial applications. This compact, lightweight hoist features:

Fully machined and heat treated liftwheel with hardened chain guides for smooth chain operation and reduced chain wear
• Standard lift 10, 15 & 20 ft
•. 5 ft. power cord length
• Heavy-duty caliper type AC brake
• Rugged NEMA 4 control station, 115 volt control circuit
• Easy to install and maintain
• Hoistaloy load chain for smooth operation and maximum chain life
• Efficient regenerative braking system to avoid heat generation in power train
• Enclosed hoist duty motor
• Gear train lifetime lubricated with non-oxidizing grease
• Latch type hooks
• Hook suspension standard
• Fully machined and heat treated gear train
• Standard overload Protector device
• H3 duty-1 phase; H-4 duty-3 phase
• One-year warranty
• Metric rated
• Made in U.S.A.

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Part NumberVoltageModelTypeMaximum Capacity(tons)Hoist Lifting Speed(FPM)Approx Shipping Wt(lbs)User Price($)
  2401115-1-60WBSingle Speed 10' Lift1/416542480.34
  2403115-1-60WFSingle Speed 10' Lift1/216602962.74
  2405115-1-60WHSingle Speed 10' Lift18703218.68
  2407115-1-60WLSingle Speed 10' Lift1161053400.92
  2409115-1-60WRSingle Speed 10' Lift281304147.3
  2401B115-1-60WBSingle Speed 15' Lift1/416642619.365
  2403B115-1-60WFSingle Speed 15' Lift1/216643101.765
  2405B115-1-60WHSingle Speed 15' Lift18773456.53
  2407B115-1-60WLSingle Speed 15' Lift1161113570.43
  2409B115-1-60WRSingle Speed 15' Lift281364446.12
  2401C115-1-60WBSingle Speed 20' Lift1/416682758.39
  2403C115-1-60WFSingle Speed 20' Lift1/216683240.79
  2405C115-1-60WHSingle Speed 20' Lift18843694.38
  2407C115-1-60WLSingle Speed 20' Lift1161163739.94
  2409C115-1-60WRSingle Speed 20' Lift281504744.94
  2402230/460 3-60WBSingle Speed 10' Lift1/416582480.34
  2404230/460 3-60WFSingle Speed 10' Lift1/216582962.74
  2406230/460 3-60WHSingle Speed 10' Lift18683218.68
  2408230/460 3-60WLSingle Speed 10' Lift1161063400.92
  2410230/460 3-60WRSingle Speed 10' Lift281224147.3
  2402B230/460 3-60WBSingle Speed 15' Lift1/416622619.365
  2404B230/460 3-60WFSingle Speed 15' Lift1/216623101.765
  2406B230/460 3-60WHSingle Speed 15' Lift18753456.53
  2408B230/460 3-60WLSingle Speed 15' Lift1161123570.43
  2410B230/460 3-60WRSingle Speed 15' Lift281284446.12
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