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Electronic Chain Hoists


To find your specific part number or key number that you need to buy:

Step 1 :Click on the manuals tab to the right.
Step 2 :Click on the pdf for the manual you need.
Step 3 :Find the part number or key number in the schematic.
Step 4 :Select the Search By Part Number or Search By Key Number from the Dropdown list as per the Requirement and than type the part number or key number in the search box which is located on the left side.

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Page Number :
Part NumberDescriptionItem TypeMax Capacity (tons)Price per Ft($)
  85834Load ChainHurricane / Series 6221/4 - 1/26.62
  85959Load ChainHurricane / Series 62218.03
  85960Load ChainSeries 6222-1016.38
  635131Load ChainHurricane29.77
  85960Load ChainHurricane316.38
  85970Load ChainHurricane1025.25
  85839Load ChainCyclone1/4 - 1/215.12
  85841Load ChainCyclone118.22
  85864Load ChainCyclone1-1/2-1020.63
  85808Hand ChainCyclone1/4 -107.25
  85832Hand ChainSeries 6221/4 -103.31
  04307654Hand ChainHurricane1/2 - 105.51
  85847Load ChainLever Tools1 - 1/2 - 620.74
  85843Load ChainLever Tools3/4 - 1 - 1/28.72
  02100004Load ChainLever Tools1/48.82
  02100009Load ChainLever Tools1/210.17
  85944Load ChainZinc 1/4" 1/8 -116.12
  85889Load ChainOil & Burn 1/4" 1/8 -116.12
  85949Load ChainZinc 5/16" 1/2 -321.11
  85979Load ChainOil & Burn 5/16"1/2 -321.11
  85885Load ChainLodestar XL 7/16" ALL XL'S28.82
  85794Load ChainPowerstar 9/16" ALL POWERSTAR42.58
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